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VR: The Boater’s New Portable Home Theater

Boaters can have a love-hate relationship with technology. On the one hand, you want to slip the lines and get away from all the trappings of shore life. On the other hand, tech enables access and ease of use. Now the same is true for onboard entertainment with the Occulus Go VR headset – priced at . . .

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Rylo Adds macOS Editing for 360 Degree Video Camera

We’re big fans of using the Rylo video camera on boats. You mount the camera and it shoots in all directions. You just have to remember to turn it on or off to avoid draining the battery. We mentioned there was one big catch to the camera previously – that it had no desktop editing solution without buying something fairly pro and expensive. Cheap editing solutions can’t deal with 360 degree video . . .

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