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First Look: America’s Cup Surface-to-Air Monohulls

The 2013 America’s Cup changed sailing forever by putting the sport on a much bigger stage, making it accessible to a wider audience. When Larry Ellison brought the venerable event – the oldest professional sports trophy in the world – to San Francisco, he put catamarans on foils, propelling them north of 50 mph against the wind. Non-sailors around the world watched in wonder . . .

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America’s Cup Tech Trickles Up

Ever since Larry Ellison introduced foiling catamarans to the America’s Cup in 2013, the boating world has tried to make every type of boat exciting. A lot of effort has gone into making it accessible, putting foils on smaller cats or even RIBs. Not in this case. Here the tech is clearly trickling up . . .

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Win All Dingy Races with One that Foils

Why should America’s Cup sailors and ferry boat captians have all the fun? You deserve to foil and if you have a RIB dingy, your wish may soon come true. Now when you run to shore to grab some groceries or a drink, you’ll ride high above the chop making no wake like you’re on a a magic carpet . . .

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