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Will a Yeti Bucket Bail Faster When You’re Sinking?

It’s a profound question. Because somehow you need to justify spending $40 for a bucket vs. maybe the $3-5 you will spend at your local big box hardware store. Sure it’s a Yeti and you always pay more for what they make because they engineer great products. But it’s a bucket. It’s a round thing with a handle. We’re of two minds when it comes to this bucket helping you bail more water . . .

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Pack a Megayacht Swim Platform for Your Boat

It doesn’t matter how big your boat is – you want just a little more space. You might have a canoe, a bluewater sailing boat, or an ocean-going trawler – it’s never quite big enough. Now you can add what few others will have – your own floating island. When the weather is great and you want to hang out outside at anchor, you can’t beat this. Plus they don’t look ugly like some . . .

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Tame Your Lines to Perfection

If you have a boat, you’ve got a mess of rope and line. Maybe your shorelines are too long. Or your fender ties are too short or too long. Or there’s a line that’s just too long and is always getting in the way. Maybe when you bought some line you said “I need about ten feet” and you really needed nine.

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5 Low-Tech Boat Tools to Maintain Sanity

Everyone with a boat lives through it – that moment when some stupid little thing goes wrong and you need something simple to solve it. Maybe you dropped a screw in a crevice under the engine. Maybe you are looking for a leak in a dark cabinet. Or maybe you just can’t see where that hose is going or if it’s attached right. These things happen all the time . . .

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Folding Canoe Puts Voyaging in Reach for Everyone

At MyBoatSupplies, we love products that provide wider access to boating so more people can enjoy the water. Products like this folding, origami canoe catches our eye because it virtually eliminates the need for boat storage and makes shlepping a boat easier. For those living in small spaces who love the great outdoors . . .

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