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Autonomous Boating Update: Volvo Penta Self Docking

Boaters are brave souls, whether you are in a canoe, cruising sailboat, or motor yacht. You venture into the unkown at the mercy of the elements in order to fulfill a dream of life on the water. Until you are faced with docking . . . in an unknown place . . . with a beam wind. Blood pressure skyrockets, partners yell at each other, and without fail, a group of onlookers forms . . .

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Waze for Boating is Coming

Traffic is evil – that’s the tagline for Waze, the popular route app for driving. For boaters, traffic isn’t the only problem – it’s mostly the weather. How do you avoid really bad weather? DARPA, the same government agency that brought you that little thing called the Internet, has launched a new initiative – the Ocean of Things . . .

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ClearCruise Augmented Marine Reality Makes Sense of What’s Ahead

You’ve felt it before. You are looking at the horizon – maybe just outside a harbor entrance or along a coastline. It’s the first time you’ve made landfall here. You see where you are on the GPS, but you just aren’t certain that what you see ahead is what you think is on the chart. Is that the marker you think it is? So you stare at the chart more and repeat to yourself, “Red right returning.” That’s all about to change with a new partnership between Raymarine and FLIR . . .

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New OneNet Standard Will Clean Up Your Electronics Mess

Back in 2010 a group of marine electronics manufacturers approached the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) to help organize a better standard for allowing electronics on boats to talk to each other. The problem that they were trying to solve was the fact that each manufacturer’s “systems” for GPS, navigation, radar, etc. were all proprietary so once you bouht into one, you were tied at the hip to that company. Now, the OneNet standard will allow all kinds of things to talk to each other . . .

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