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Do We Need a “World’s Largest Center Console Boat?”

At first blush, the answer is probably not. Having the world’s largest center console boat seems like having the world’s largest canoe or the world’s smallest freighter or the world’s largest paddleboard. It’s an stunt for the sake of PR vs. something that is interesting and useful. So when HCB announced earlier this year they had built one, we were skeptical . . .

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You’ve Got 900 Horsepower and You’re Bored. So You Pull 32 Barefoot Water-Skiers.

We love boating PR stunts, especially when they seem concocted late at night in a bar – and this one is no exception. Evinrude announced a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for the most barefoot water-skiers pulled behind a single boat (we’re not sure what the previous record was). 32 barefoot water-skiers entered the chilly September water at Wolf River in Shawano, Wisconsin, to break the record . . .

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Delivery Skipper Breaks 24 Hour Sailing Speed Record

Ok, Alex Thomson is not exactly a delivery skipper, but he did break the 24 hours saling speed record for a 60-foot monohull while delivering the boat from New York to the UK. They averaged 22.49 knots over 24 hours (call it 22.5). That’s fast for a sailboat crossing an ocean that’s not a catamaran. “Sailing onboard the Hugo Boss IMOCA 60 race boat, the crew were successfully able to sail 539.71 nautical miles . . .

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