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Autonomous Boating Update: Volvo Penta Self Docking

Boaters are brave souls, whether you are in a canoe, cruising sailboat, or motor yacht. You venture into the unkown at the mercy of the elements in order to fulfill a dream of life on the water. Until you are faced with docking . . . in an unknown place . . . with a beam wind. Blood pressure skyrockets, partners yell at each other, and without fail, a group of onlookers forms . . .

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Waze for Boating is Coming

Traffic is evil – that’s the tagline for Waze, the popular route app for driving. For boaters, traffic isn’t the only problem – it’s mostly the weather. How do you avoid really bad weather? DARPA, the same government agency that brought you that little thing called the Internet, has launched a new initiative – the Ocean of Things . . .

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