It’s sometimes hard to imagine the intersection of diesel engines and innovation – at least with the average boater. The reality is that today’s diesel engines are far more efficient, powerful, and more quiet.

Both Yanmar and Volvo Penta are working aggressively to develop autonomous systems to make boating easier. Yanmar certainly has a long history and deep resources to push innovation forward.

Founded in Japan in 1912, Yanmar is a venerable diesel engine manufacturer with products on thousands of boats around the globe. They also makes engines used in construction equipment, agricultural equipment and generator sets. It also makes ag equipment, construction equipment, climate control systems, and aquafarming systems.

Yanmar is now a sponsor of the Red Bull Foiling effort, creating brand association with advanced sailing tech.

The marine engine division – Yanmar Marine International – is under the management of Shiori Nagata, who set the goal of doubling sales. She is on track with an aggressive focus on developing and acquiring innovative products and technology. This includes an agreement with Neander Shark for exclusive distribution of the Dtorque turbo diesel outboard engine. The agreement marks another sign of the continued interest in the growth of the outboard sector – and is perhaps an indicator of what’s to come.

Yanmar also acquired leading low-drag folding propeller manufacturer Flexofold. They continue to develop their core engine line with the launch of the fourth generation of the 6LY series. They also launched the awardwinning 3JH40 common rail inboard engine.

Brand alignment with boating innovation is also on the rise for Yanmar. The have have an agreement with the 36th America’s Cup and are backing the Red Bull Foiling Generation. Yanmar also confirmed a strategic investment in GetMyBoat, the world’s largest boat rental provider.

To thrive in a world amid disruption from new technology and innovation, large companies must adapt. Yanmar is certainly doing a lot to remain at the head of the pack in their sector.