It’s so annoying. You beach your RIB and realize you have to get your feet wet to get out. Plus there’s the wet sand. It’s going to stick to your feet, which means having to bend over and wipe it off. You want to lift a finger, but do you really have to? Not anymore.

Your life is now transformed with the new Ocean Craft Marine amphibious RIB. Of course we love this boat because it’s got that interesting combination of innovation and something a little crazy. You have to admire any group of people who want to drive around on land in a boat. Plus we like anything that is amphibious.

The boat is not for the financial faint of heart with one model coming in at about $300K. What’s money when you can drive around on the beach in a boat? Plus your dingy has roots in military landing craft.

Imagine enjoying a sunset on the beach from your amphibious RIB.

Ocean Craft Marine is not your ordinary RIB company. They manufacture RIBs to extremely high standards. Their customers include the U.S. Secret Service, the U.S. Navy, and the navies of Spain, Kenya, Romania, and Portugal.

Why do you need an amphibious RIB? Beyond avoiding the cleaning of your wet sandy feet, the company lists the following:

  • Landing and driving onto any beach
  • Access to the shallowest possible waters
  • Access to areas with high tidal range
  • Unique rescue capabilities and flood response
  • Extremely fast deployment response time
  • Ability to traverse obstacles, variable depths and debris with ease

These are all great reasons to own one of these RIBs. We can think of a few more:

  • Get to the liquor store faster from anchorage before it closes
  • Win all RIB biathalons
  • Park your dingy when the dingy dock is full
  • Invoke ultimate dingy envy
  • Better prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse

Now if we can just get a RIB that is amphibious and can foil.