Laird Hamilton is one of the most interesting characters in watersports. He’s best known for surfing monster waves and famously training by running under water holding weights. He’s also one of the most innovative watermen on the planet.

In the mid 1990’s, one of our staff members was surfing at Kauai’s Hanlei Bay when he spotted something unusual. A guy emerged from the mouth of the Hanalei River standing on a surfboard holding what looked like a canoe paddle. Some fifty surfers watched as Laird Hamilton paddled up, smiled, spun his board around and caught the next wave. It was the first time anyone on that trip had ever seen a standup paddleboard.

Hamilton pushes the boundaries of what it means to surf, paddle, and generally enjoy water sports.

Hamilton went on to effectively invent tow-in surfing, using jet skis to tow surfers into massive waves. This evolved into surfing on foils. Now Hamilton has his sights set on e-foiling. He focuses now on the act of using electric power to help propel a foiling surfboard to surf – or go anywhere you want to go.

Watch the video above to see his excitement about the future of this sport. Baed on his track record, you can bet what he is doing will soon be seen in many more places. For innovation on the water, Laird Hamilton is at the forefront.