Foiling continues to make its way into all forms of boating – to add speed and excitement without adding more engine power. As foiling design continues to evolve in boating, so does its efficiency and cost effectiveness. Now you can enjoy foiling without a high-tech sailboat or power boat – with a foiling wakeboard for under $2K.

What makes this new product from Slingshot Sports interesting is the fact that it will foil easily at very low speeds. You don’t need the traditional wakeboard boat to get you up and running. In fact, you can actually jump on the thing from a dock and go (with a little practice). That means you can use a pontoon boat, a jet ski, or just about anything else you have around to get into wakeboarding. Plus you are foiling.

The FoilWake package is intended more for the beginner or casual wakeboarder.

Slingshot Sports sells two different foiling wakeboard packages – the FoilWake (FWAKE) and the FoilSurf (FSURF). The Foil-Wake package costs about $1500 and works for people who want to experience foiling mostly behind a boat. The Foil-Surf package costs about $1900 and is adaptable for use in other foiling applications, such as surfing.

The FoilSurf package, which costs about $1900, is modified to work in a variety of foiling sports.

Slingshot Sports claims “these are boards from outer space that turn chop and slop into pure butter. Helping you feel the smoothest and floatiest sensations you’ve ever felt on a board…like riding waist deep powder every session or surfing through the clouds.” It’s certainly a less expensive option than the foiling eBike.