There are many aspects of the boating business that are starting to feel a bit stale. This includes the major online portals for listing boats and some of the larger boat shows. There’s never been a better time to bring new energy to the marketplace.

MarineMax, the largest boat dealer in the U.S., announced the world’s biggest online used boat show. The idea is to use technology to provide a more boat show-like experience right in your home. The virtual boat show is a collaboration between MarineMax and vFairs, a global company that delivers a platfrom for virtual job fairs, auto shows, and more.

The MarineMax virtual boat show is hosted on the vFairs event platform.

“We have the privilege of representing some of the very best brands in
major boating markets. Our customers now have a chance to see our
entire lineup of used boat inventory from MarineMax locations
nationwide, all in the convenience of their own home,” stated Chuck Cashman, MarineMax CRO.

Date set for March 21-23 for Virtual Boat Show

The Worldʼs Largest Online Used Boat Sale will take place on Thursday, March 21 through Saturday, March 23 from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM each day. Exclusive pricing, trade evaluations, financing options and unique benefits will be available to all attendees.

This is the second virtual boat show from MarineMax. They learned from the first and are building on its success. In the future, you can imagine integration with virtual reality (VR) headsets to better experience the boats. As power boating continues grow globally, you can expect further innovation in the customer experience from this sector.

Certainly the packaging and presentation of boats on the market can stand some innovation. Boats aren’t like cars – you need a more rich experience of the product in order to know if it’s right for you. There has to be a better solution than the current grainy photos shot by boat brokers on their older generation iPhones. Brokers certainly want to sell more – they just need the platform and tools to do it.