Let’s face it, we know those gas outboards on our tenders are noisy and emit carbon emissions. This fact gnaws on your conscience as you enjoy the great outdoors. Now there’s a solution for sleeping better at night. Welcome to Perini Navi’s 83-foot “Eco Tender.”

We know what you’re thinking – how can an 83-foot tender be eco friendly? It’s a logical question. It turns out that being an 83-footer, it’s got eco in spades.

This is clearly an upgrade to your current center console RIB.

The Eco-tender has four-mode hybrid propulsion from Siemens. The diesel mode, with twin MAN engines and Hamilton water jets, pushes the Eco-tender faster than 30 knots. In this mode, you haver a good chance of taking line honors in dingy races. But watch out for the foiling RIBs.

Then there’s Hybrid Mode, which is diesel-electric and zero-emissions. In this mode, the Eco-tender is silent and motors at 8 knots for as long as an hour. Yes, almost a full hour of planet-saving propulsion. That’s probably enough to get in and out of Portofino from anchor with a little anchorage superyacht touring included.

Perini Navi CEO Lamberto Tacoli was on hand for the launch of the Eco Tender. Will CEO’s of RIB companies follow suit?

We also know you are wondering how a tender can be 83 feet long. Of course, this is Perini Navi, so the mother ship is a full 170 feet long. And everyone knows your tender should be about half the size of your main yacht. If it were any longer, you can’t technically call it a tender.

According to Perini Navi, the owners prefer to anchor offshore and they enjoy exploring, but wanted something more substantial than a conventional RIB. More substantial indeed.