You know foiling is taking off in boating when one of the largest boat builders decides it’s the future. Previously, Beneteau unveiled a high-performance foiling sailboat, the Figaro Beneteau 3. Now they are experimenting with an outboard-driven powerboat.

The fact that Beneteau is experimenting with foils on a powerboat also indicates more movement of sailboat manufacturers to powerboating. Globally, powerboating is growing while sailing is shrinking. Certainly technology is being used to bolster the sailing industry to stem the tide.

The concept foiling boat from Beneteau isn’t about to make it’s way into showrooms anytime soon. The 32-foot boat is for testing initial designs. With testers strapped into seats with helmuts on, it doesn’t look like something you’d take out on a lake today with the family.

The boat has pivoting, retractable foils that enable the boat to access marinas. Beneteau worked with various partners, including one that launched a series of foiling RIBs.