Boatific coveres innovation on the water, including the frozen kind. At this year’s World Economic Forum, Swiss firm ETH Zurich showed off their self-learning, skating robots, as reported by 3D Printing Industry.

3D printed components help make up the robots that are about one foot tall. Unlike human skaters, the robots make their way around on four legs like a skating dog. What’s remarkable about these skating robots is that they learn from interacting with other skaters.

Skater robot warming up before hockey match.

Watch the video above and notice that the robots aren’t much of a match with the profossional hockey players. The goal, as stated buy ETH Zurich, is to develop a training robot to help hockey players improve their skills.

It’s not hard to see how this technology can be applied to boating on non-frozen water. Eventually a boater can simply set a destination and the boat can navigate autonomously while learning about its surroundings.