SECORE International is a leading non-profit conservation organization for the restoration and protection of coral reefs. They have established a global network of scientists, public aquarium professionals and local authorities to study and solve reef degradation issues.

Boaters are well aware of the dire state of the world’s coral reefs – and know how critical it is to support efforts to keep the ocean’s waters vibrant. Now 3D printing is helping enable the restoration of coral reefs. Scientists are printing “seed units” with 3D printers that when placed in reefs help with reef reproduction. This effort is very early in its development, but it is showing promise.

3D-printed “seed units” are used to help coral reefs reproduce.

In an interview with Aric Bickel, Operations Manager at SECORE International, in 3D Printing Industry, Brickel states, “3D printing offers several unique advantages compared to other manufacturing methods. It allows for onsite production, the ability to adjust designs and production rapidly, and does not have inherent constraints on what can be produced. It therefore potentially facilitates creative ideas to solve problems that would not be feasible via other methods. This flexibility has wide applicability to both environmental and humanitarian projects.”

SECORE collaborated with MAKE-Tank Emerging Objects, and Boston Ceramics to create 3D printed seeding units that encourage coral reproduction.

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