Boating is a funny form of exercise. It sometimes requires aerobic strength, but only occassionally. It often requires upper body and core strength, but only in short spurts. Sometimes it requires no strength at all and other times you expend every ounce of energy you have. Then throw in the neef or a bunch of flexibility.

There’s not doubt that being fit for boating is critical for enjoying yourself more out on the water. As you get older, staying fit become harder as your body slowly loses muscle. It’s perhaps what keeps you from getting out there more – something that says it’s too much trouble. Let’s turn that into “I’ve got this.”

Here are three products that use new and old tech to help you get there.

Old Reliable Fitness Tech: Total Gym Fit

The Total Gym Fit packs over 100 exercises into an ingenious single unit.

The Total Gym Fit was first developed by physical therapists to help patients recover from injury. It was then made somewhat famous in television commercials starring Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley. It’s a bit old school, but it packs an incredible amount of exercise into one unit and is highly rated by its customers.

When you look at the Total Gym Fit, it’s hard to tell what it is. Then once you understand the sliding platform, pulleys, and adjustable bench height, you realize it can deliver some 100 different exercises that target the core, back, arms, abs, and legs. The clever design uses your own body weight sliding up and down as resistance, providing a very smooth, comfortable action. It also folds up to stow away if you are short on space.

We like this product because it addresses the critical aspects of fitness that most boaters need – upper body, core, and back plus flexibility and balance – with so many different exercises. As an all around, less expensive option, the Total Gym Fit is a great choice and a real workhorse. Cost is about $800-$1200, depending on accessories. There is no monthly subscription.

Find the Total Gym Fit with Reviews on Amazon.

Newer Connected Fitness Tech: Peloton

The Peloton bike revolutionized connected home fitness.

Peloton came on the scene a few years ago with a connected exercise bike that became an instant hit. By combining a well-designed bike with a large tablet mounted on the handlebars, the Peloton puts you in a cycling class right in your home.

The connectedness of the Peloton means you can compete with other home riders and take advantage of some of the world’s top trainers. Data streams on the screen to keep you aware of how hard you are working so you can set goals and monitor progress.

While the Peloton is mostly focused on aeorobic strength, they have expanded their offering through an app to exercises “off the bike.” These include yoga, core, and flexibility. By adding these exercises, the Peloton has made the experience more of a total body workout.

We like the Peloton because platform delivers trainers who keep you motivated. The expansion beyond cycling with their app also means you can get more of an overall workout, which boaters need. It’s not cheap at about $2000 for the bike and $40/month for the subscription, but if you compare this cost to cycling classes and gym membership, it can make pretty good financial sense.

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Bleeding Edge Fitness Tech: Mirror

The Mirror ingeniously doubles as a connected fitness interface and actual mirror.

Mirror is a brand new company that takes connectivity even further into the home. With Mirror, you hang what is essentially a very large tablet on your wall, which turns into a mirror when you are not using it, making it effectively disappear.

When you turn the Mirror on, you are face to face with an instructor in a class with other people. It’s like the Peloton in that it brings the gym class experience into your home, except that the screen is very large and is not attached to any specific piece of equipment.

Mirror is great if you want you’re short on space or prefer a more general connected workout with a variety of different types of exercise classes. There is no machine to use – just a number of smaller accessories that you use for different classes.

Mirror costs about $1500 with a $39/month subscription. Learn more about Mirror at

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