We’ve mentioned before how the 2013 America’s Cup – with its foiling catamarans – transformed boating forever. One of the teams competing in that series – Artemis – is now working on taking that same AC tech to some incredible heights. They are harnessing the speed and efficiency of foiling cats to potentially solving sustainability in commercial transporation.

Artemis Racing is a professional sailing team founded in 2006 by successful Swedish businessman and sailor, Torbjörn Törnqvist. Artemis Technologies is a spinoff from the team dedicated to advancing the technologies developed for the America’s Cup. “Artemis is an ancient Greek goddess. She carries a bow and is a hunter – a competitor – but also a protector of nature, both virtues I admire. This is why I named my first racing boat after her and eventually my team Artemis Racing,” commented Törnqvist.

Iain Perce proved his leadership on the Artemis America’s Cup effort in 2013 and is now CEO of Artemis Technologies

While Artemis Racing continues to develop racing sailboats, Artemis Technologies is focused on applying high technology to solving a variety of challenges, including sustainable transportation harnessing wind and foils.

Artemis Technologies is taking these incredibly efficient dynamics of foiling and is developing a commercial transportation vehicle that is completely zero emissions using a hybrid system of wind, foils, and electric energy. The craft can potentially hold 50 people and travel 30 knots whether there is enough wind or not. That’s the same speed many high-speed ferries travel today.

So how does a sailboat sail 30 knots in zero wind? The video above explains it, but basically the craft is using river current to generate 10 knots of apparent wind in order to lift the boat on foils, at which point it can turn around and sail as fast as 30 knots. It’s hard to get your head wrapped around this, but it works and holds incredible promise.

What made the America’s Cup so exciting in 2013 is now coming to commercial passenger transportation.

The team behind Artemis Technologies is an interesting mix of of talent from sailing and other high-performance sports. The CEO is four-time America’s Cup participant Iain Percy. His team has experience from Formula One racing, Corvette racing, Red Bull Racing, Toyota, Volvo Ocean Racing, powerboat racing, and aerospace.

We look forward to following the developments of this group as they work on the intersection of sustainability, foiling, and autonomous craft – all topics we focus on.