At Boatific, we like all boats, large, small, with or without sails, fast or slow. We also like mind-bending boats that seem to defy all logic – because logic is not something boaters worry about too much.

For the logic-averse, we previously wrote about the world’s largest center console boat. Now we bring you an actual Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) who’s price tag is so high it’s not disclosed. Like the yacht it’s intended to serve, you just don’t ask. 

Th X-80 (as in 80 feet) “RIB” is brought to you by SACS, an Italian maker of very nice RIBs, and the Milanese design studio of Federico Fiorentino.  

The “pontoons” of this boat are actuall filled with foam that it doesn’t scuff its mothership. That crew of 30 has better things to do than buff the hull. The design maximizes outdoor living since it’s a “getaway” boat, with sun pads and plenty of deck space. 

In spite of all the deck space, there are accomodations for 5 below, including a full-width owner’s cabin, a twin guest room, and quarters for crew. 

The boat seems designed for the next James Bond movie, so that’s ok with us. We wouldn’t write about this boat if it weren’t for the “RIB” designation. We wonder what the folks over at Zodiac think.