2018 has seen a lot of innovation in boating – so why not pass some along to a boater friend or family member? Some of these items are not cheap, but they are interesting and innovative, the kind of gift that makes someone go “oh wow, that’s cool.” No more binoculars or brass lamps or framed charts. 

Portable Origami Kayak or Canoe

The MyCanoe folds down to the size of a large suitcase and weighs only 52 lbs.

We’ve written about the MyCanoe previously and really like it. It’s not only innovative – it makes boating even more accessible to people who can’t keep a boat at a marina and don’t have any room for storage. It’s also great to keep on a larger boat without cluttering up the deck. It folds up into the size of a large suitcase and deploys in minutes. 

Find the MyCanoe on Amazon. 

The Oru Kayak is more compact than the MyCanoe, but holds just one person.

For around the same price as the MyCanoe, you can get the Oru Kayak, which is made in a similar fashion and folds up like the Canoe. The Kayak is less than 30 lbs, so it’s easier to carry around, but holds just one person. Either way, you can’t go wrong giving someone one of these very interesting, easy-to-store boats. Both fold out in minutes for boating fun anywhere you go. 

Find the Oru Kayak on Amazon. 

The Ultimate Boating VR Kit

The Occulus Go paired with a Rylo 360-degree camera is the boater’s VR kit. 

We’re fans of VR when it comes to boating because it provides a way to experience the water when you can’t be there – because maybe you have something called a job. This kit – a combination of a Rylo 360-degree camera and an Occulus Go VR headset – gives the boater everything they need to easily shoot 360-degree video and experience it in VR when and where they want. See our more detailed post here. 

Find the Rylo camera on Amazon.

Find the Occulus Go VR headset on Amazon. 

A Smartphone Thermal Imaging Camera To Spot Trouble and MOB

The Flir One Pro pops on the bottom of your smartphone to create a thermal imaging camera.

Thermal imaging used to be something that only government scientists could afford. Now you can turn your smartphone into one to make boating more safe, and have fun with it while you’re at it. The FLIR One Pro pops into the bottom of your phone to instantly transform your phone into a high-quality thermal imaging system. 

Why for boaters? First, most problems with larger boats are electrical and with this system, you can spot electrical issues when you can’t see them. Second, you can actually use this to spot people who have gone overboard at night when you otherwise can’t see them. Beyond that, it’s just kind of fun to have. Point it at your dog or cat (without hurting them). 

Find the Flir One Pro on Amazon. 

A Foiling eBike Gift Card

The Manta5 from New Zealand has been in the works for 7 years.

The great thing about this gift is that it comes in an envelope – because this foiling ebike isn’t ready to ship yet. It’s the spectacular Manta5 water bike that has electric assist to help you get up on foils to skim across the water like riding a bike. We wrote about it in more detail here. Right now the company is taking 10% deposits on this $7500 bike for delivery toward the end of 2019. 

Learn more about the Manta5 here. 

A Megayacht Swim Platform for Everyone

Own a piece of a megayacht.

Maybe your friend or family member doesn’t own a 110 foot megayacht with a big swim platform on the back. No problem. Get them an inflatable one to tie on. What’s great about this is that it’s very sturdy like the inflatable standup paddleboards. We wrote more about it here

Find a megayacht swim platform on Amazon.