It’s a profound question. Because somehow you need to justify spending $40 for a bucket vs. the $3-5 you might spend at your local big box hardware store. Sure it’s a Yeti and you always pay more for what they make because they engineer great products. But it’s a bucket. It’s a round thing with a handle.

We’re of two minds when it comes to this bucket bailing more water when you are sinking. What stands out, of course, is its rugged design. You know that handle won’t break under stress – it’s a Yeti. Those cheap hardware store buckets will just fall apart when you’re in full panic mode. Yet the Yeti bucket is kind of heavy at 5.8 lbs! So after about twenty or thirty bails, this might add up in terms of how much more tired you may be. On balance, though, we think holding up under the weight of water during full panic mode makes this the wise choice.

If you want another opinion, take a look at Shannon Drawe’s take on the Yeti bucket over at Texas Flycaster on YouTube. He makes it very clear why he likes this bucket and he uncovers some interesting features. Just a side note – can you believe you might watch a video that reviews a bucket? We think this video – which we really like, by the way – is a benchmark in how serious you can be when messing about in boats.



Of course, you can spend much more on this bucket by accessorizing it. Let’s face it, once you commit $40 to a bucket, it’s a slippery slope. Add special tops, tool holders and more. Of course, you really don’t need any of that, but you might want it.