It’s a horrible feeling. You’re motoring along in your sailboat or power boat and you hear the engine bog down. Then it’s overheating. Another fouled prop! Maybe it’s a fishing net or some stray stern line. Or maybe your raw water intake for your engine is clogged, sending your engine temperature skyward.

Now you can kiss those problems goodbye – with a Swamp Shark. Swamp Shark is made by Metal Shark Boats, located in (where else)¬†Jeanerette, Louisiana, just a stone’s throw from the perfect testing ground for fouled props and clogged intake valves. This boat, originally designed for the military, will power through anything in front of it.

Oh, and you happen to like American muscle cars? Great, you can get one with a 550hp Corvette engine. What could be better to make sure you get from Point A to Point B.

Sure it’s a little different from feeling the press of wind on the sails or the ambling down the river in a trawler, but when you have to be certain you will get to where you are going, it’s hard to beat.

If you want to prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse, you may want to tuck one of these into your garage. Or paint it white and tell people it’s a new kind of tender. It might look a little odd hanging off the back of your Hylas 56 or Grand Banks 60, but you will rest assured knowing you have the ultimate escape.