If you have a boat, you’ve got a mess of rope and line. Maybe your shorelines are too long. Or your fender ties are too short or too long. Or there’s a line that’s just too long and is always getting in the way. Maybe when you bought some line you said “I need about ten feet” and you really needed nine.

You don’t have to live with this – you just need a marine rope cutter. They’re reasonably priced and super handy to turn a tangle into something neat and tidy. There are several models out there ranging in cost from about $25 to $80. Some are a little smaller. Using one is a snap. It’s like handling a soldering iron – it’s light, small, and gets the job done quickly. In fact, it’s really a converted soldering gun.

It’s not only effective, it’s kind of fun. it’s easy to practice and get the hang of. You get to trim all your lines easily and quickly to make getting out and about faster and easier. While you’re at it, make a dog leash or a spare shore line. You’ll wish you had done this long ago.