We’re big fans of using the Rylo video camera on boats. You mount the camera and it shoots in all directions. You just have to remember to turn it on or off to avoid draining the battery.

We mentioned there was one big catch to the camera previously – that it had no desktop editing solution without buying something fairly pro and expensive. Cheap editing solutions can’t deal with 360 degree video.

Now Rylo is releasing an macOS desktop solution to solve all of this – and a Windows version is on the way. This will make the Rylo a very practical solution for a lot of boaters. Here’s a review (pre desktop software).

We’re big fans of 360-degree video because it’s so simple to shoot – you don’t ahve to worry where you are pointing the camera because it captures everything around it. Rylo only makes 360-degree cameras and between its size and price, it’s a great option.