When you buy a new boat, one of the benefits is that you can customize it to suit your needs and tastes. What if you could customize the entire boat? What if you could make significant changes to a design in order to realize a vision for a boat you have.

Dutch entrepreneur Maarten Logtenberg, who has been involved with 3D prints for more than 15 years has recently sold two 15-ton 3D printers to two yacht builders to exactly that. He is director and co-founder of Delft-based CEAD.

Traditional yacht building remains a costly, time-consuming process to produce hulls, furniture, and other equipment. The new 3D printers for yacht building are more than 16 feet tall, which is the largest in the world to incorporate glass and carbon fiber into designs. The printer costs almost a million dollars and yacht builders are the first businesses to step forward to put them to use, recognizing the potential cost and time saving.

“If someone pays millions of dollars for a yacht, and they want to have a Jacuzzi that no one else will,” Logtenberg says, “now you can just print it.”