It doesn’t matter how big your boat is – you want just a little more space. You might have a canoe, a bluewater sailing boat, or an ocean-going trawler – it’s never quite big enough.

Now you can add what few others will have – your own Solstice floating island. When the weather is great and you want to hang out outside at anchor, you can’t beat this. Plus they don’t look ugly like some of those inflatable things people tie off their boat. You can even use these to work on your boat at a slip or at anchor. Don’t let the picture fool you – a 200 lb person can stand on a corner and not flip the thing.

These are made in a similar way as those inflatable SUP’s and they are very stable. You pump them up manually or with one of those (underpowered) electric pumps. When you’re done, roll it up in a bag and stash it on your boat or in your garage. They range in price from about $500 to $1000, depending on size.

Do you need one? No. But like the thermal imaging camera, you want one. So forget for a minute about the fun you might have. Let’s say . . . . you’re out on the water and you’ve collided with a submerged container. The hull is breached and water is coming in. You NEED this inflatable platform to help make repairs from the outside. It’s the only way. You save your life and those under your watch. You win an award at the local yacht club for seamanship and bravery. They raise their glasses to you and never look at you the same way again. That works. Go get it.