Innovation with all marine electronics is on the horizon as a result of the NMEA OneNet standard that will be able to link all systems into one, centralized monitor. This will make managing a boat far more easy and certainly more effective.

If you want a glimpse into what the future might look like, check out Hatteras Yachts new Hatt/CON system – it’s basically the same idea BUT using a completely proprietary system that only Hatteras can connect into. While this Hatteras system is desigined for very large power boats with accompanying large budgets, it actually paints a picture of systems management that most boaters will be able to access in the few years ahead.

You can see a demo on this Hatteras web site page.

If you have ever sat in a Tesla, you get the idea of where boating systems management is going – a single piece of glass that gives you access to everything. With OneNet enabled devices, boaters will be able to tie in any individual piece of equipment or electronics so it’s all at your fingertips. It could be on your phone, tablet, or marine-grade glass monitor right at the helm. It will allow you to manage your boat’s systems far more easily.

Here’s a somewhat homemade demo of the Tesla Model 3 touchscreen – imagine this for your boat. It’s coming!