Ever since Larry Ellison introduced foiling catamarans to the America’s Cup in 2013, the boating world has tried to make every type of boat exciting. A lot of effort has gone into making it accessible, putting foils on smaller cats or even RIBs. Not in this case. Here the tech is clearly trickling up.

You know you can’t afford something when the person showing you the product is in formal wear. It instantly says “millions.” Put that person in formal wear on a high-speed foiling motor boat, and it says “good luck being me – in fact, I’m not me and I can barely hang on here.”

Nevertheless, we respect any boat that foils at 40+ mph whether it’s a sailboat or motor yacht.This new power boat from Enata Marine in the United Arab Emirates is a very high tech example of a foiling craft with a price tag north of seven figures. Enata seems to specialize in all things fast and/or exciting, with a line of foiling kite boards, R/C jets that go 175mph, and more. Clearly someone is having fun over there.

Like anything with foils, the secret to speed is carbon fiber foils that act like underwater wings that allow the hull to lift out of the water when the boat reaches a certain speed. The retractable foils are strong enough to support the weight of the boat and passengers and light enough to lift.