Everyone with a boat lives through it – that moment when some stupid little thing goes wrong and you need something simple to solve it. Maybe you dropped a screw in a crevice under the engine. Maybe you are looking for a leak in a dark cabinet. Or maybe you just can’t see where that hose is going or if it’s attached right. These things happen all the time. And unlike a home, the spaces you work in are small, stuffy, and sometimes kind of smelly. You realize what just happened and just want to scream.

For these times, you need to be sure you have all five Boat Sanity Tools – inexpensive things that you think you’ll never need until you do. What’s best is that all five will only set you back about $50.

Boat Sanity Tool #1 – Little Yellow Flashlight

Sure, you have a flashlight. But you need another. Why? Because you know when you need it most the one you have now just won’t work. These cheap little waterproof Dorcy flashlights with LED lights are compact, rugged, and reliable.

Boat Sanity Tool #2 – Extendo Mirror

There comes that time when something really important is out of sight. Maybe it’s a hose clamp or valve or your car keys that slide under something. These little extendo mirror things solve the problem in a minute, saving you from jamming your hand somewhere where it doesn’t belong.

Boat Sanity Tool #3 – Extendo Magnet

Once you find something using the Extendo Mirror (see Boating Sannity Tool #2), you probably need an Extendo Magnet to get it. It turns a nightmarish hour of fussing to one minute of “look at me, I screwed up but I recovered because I’m smart enough to have an Extendo Magnet.”

Boat Sannity Tool #4 – 90 Degree Pliers

They look funny and they don’t fit nicey in your tool box, but they will save you at some point. Nigel Calder was so enamoured of the idea of having some bent pliers that he took a normal pair of pliers and took a torch to them to bend them – only to find out you can just buy them. Can’t turn a hose clamp nut because it’s around the corner? Done.

Boat Sannity Tool #5 – Camping Headlamp

Yes, you can look a little silly with one of these on, but if you’re clumsy like most boaters, you will cherish it when the time calls for it. Maybe it’s midnight and you have to look in your chain locker. Or you don’t want to wake anyone up for one last glass of wine. Or you can’t quite see to the back of the engine compartment while you stuff your body alongside of it. Easy as you please.