We love boating PR stunts, especially when they seem concocted late at night in a bar – and this one is no exception. Evinrude announced a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for the most barefoot water-skiers pulled behind a single boat (we’re not sure what the previous record was). 32 barefoot water-skiers entered the chilly September water at Wolf River in Shawano, Wisconsin, to break the record behind three 300-horsepower Evinrude E-TEC G2 engines.

You can watch it right here in case you don’t believe they actually broke the record for most barefoot water-skiers:

. So if you have something like 900 horses, have at least 33 friends who can barefook water-ski plus about 40 more who can help coordinate, then you know there is fame just waiting for you.

“Over 75 people came together on a cold September morning, including coordinator Brad Keuschel and driver Jason Hook from Badgerland Water Ski Show Team, to put Evinrude’s on-the-water horsepower and water-skier athleticism to the test,” said Eric Gran from Shawano Ski Sharks Team, Big Pull coordinator.