Boaters like to plan ahead and there’s no better time to plan than now for the Zombie Apocalypse. Don’t believe in the Zombie Apocalypse? Why not plan for it anyway, just in case. Most of the things you need will blend right into your boat so you won’t need to explain it to people who might think you are nuts. Just remind yourself how many friends you will have when the Apocalypse arrives – because only you are prepared.

Some believe zombies live only on land, which makes owning a boat the automatic choice for survival. It would be great if it was that simple, but it’s not. When ship passengers discover zombies onboard, they throw them overboard. The zombies can’t swim, but they can walk along the bottom of the ocean until they reach shore. That’s why you often see zombies coming out of the surf in old zombie movies. So while a boat is most likely your best way to surive the Apocalypse, you do need to safeguard your boat from zombies finding you from below, as well as from shore.

Night Vision Scope

This one is so obvious, it’s stupid. While others are announcing their wherabouts to zombies using flashlights, you stealthily escape without attracting any attention.

Your Own “Football”


Not unlike the President’s “football” containing nuclear armament controls, this is your football for surviving with satellite communications. Warn others, identify safe spots, organize retaliation.

Grease for the Chain Rode

Zombies have boney hands and don’t do well climbing up a chain rode from below when you are anchored off shore. Grease on your rode is proven to reduce boardings by some 73%. Use the spray bike chain grease to make it less messy.

Second Chain Rode

Ok, so greasing your chain rode is not full proof – so have a second so you can simply cut the one you have it you need to. Before the zombies get on board, you clip your rode, go full reverse and go somewhere else knowing you’ve got a spare.

Energy Drinks


This is probably the only scenario where energy drinks are essential for survival. The fact is, you may have some long nights and energy drinks, packed with all that caffeine, will keep you up when you really can’t afford to nod off.

Ski Goggles


Boaters already use these when running in rain squalls. You may as well also have them for the Zombie Apocalypse. You may not want to think about it, but you may end up in hand-to-hand combat with zombies and because their flesh is somewhat loosely attached, it can get a little messy. The last thing you need is something getting in your eye while you are eradicating zombies.

Spare Boat Hooks


Boat hooks are great weapons against zombies, but unfortunately, that hook part may not come out easily. You may need to just shove the zombie off your boat and just let go of the boat hook. Best to have some spares.


You may have decided you didn’t need one for your boat – until now. No need to sneak ashore during the Apocalypse to replenish. Make as much as you want.

Indoor Garden


You may need to stay offshore for a while, so besides fishing, you probably want to grow some herbs or vegetables. LED grow lights save on power consumption from your main house battery bank.

Propane Torch Kit

You may already have a propane tank for your galley and/or barbeque. Just add the torch and you are now armed for some serious zombie combat. Their tattered clothes light up quickly. Even if they are wet and have gone past your greased chain and spare boat hook, the flame can turn them back until you get them back in the water.