Why should America’s Cup sailors and ferry boat captians have all the fun? You deserve to foil and if you have a RIB dingy, your wish may soon come true.

Now when you run to shore to grab some groceries or a drink, you’ll ride high above the chop making no wake like you’re on a a magic carpet. Ok, that might be overstating things. But the idea is in the works. SEAir┬ábased in L’Orient, France, has produced some early RIBs that fly. Yes, they are a bit big with large engines, but you can see where this is going and it looks pretty cool.

SEAir claims a “take-off speed” of 15 knots with optimal running speed of 20-25 knots. That’s a quick trip to the dingy dock! What’s most interesting is their claim of 25-50% reduction in fuel consumption as a result of the reduced drag on the water.

Foils are electronically activated with a push of the button so you can beach the RIP or pop it on a trailer. Right now the early boats are a bit big with larger engines hardly suitable for davits, but we can imagine this making its way toward smaller dingies. And wouldn’t that be fun.