One of the biggest problems with boats is that they can sit there in the harbor getting dirty while racking up slip fees, insurance, maintenance, and property tax. Why not streamline your life and combine your car with your boat? Now you can drive or go boating whenever and just about wherever you want. Ok, you can’t cross oceans, but for some this could make a lot of sense.

WaterCar, located in Southern California (where else?) claims to make “the most fun vehicle on the planet.” They have even broken theĀ Guinness amphibious speed record (yes, there is one). They sure look fast on the water in this video, which includes guest driver Jay Leno.

The model they offer is called the Panther is currently offered in two states of completion:Turnkey Minus and Complete Custom. They point out that the Complete Custom version may be a challenge or impossible to license and register for street use in some states, so maybe you want to look into what your state needs before putting down the deposit on the $172K car/boat. In states where license and registration is a problem, the Panther must be purchased as a Turnkey Minus and licensed as a specially constructed vehicle if used on the highway. There is pending federal legislation (HR3274) for low production vehicle manufacturers that, if passed, will make the registration of Complete Custom models much easier.

Downsizing is never easy. You have to sacrifice some things as you simplify your life. But the extra cost and research into licensing may be well worth that feeling of “I don’t have a slip fee.” And for those of you planing for the Zombie Apocalypse, this could really be the ticket.