At MyBoatSupplies, we love products that provide wider access to boating so more people can enjoy the water. Products like this folding, origami canoe catches our eye because it virtually eliminates the need for boat storage and makes shlepping a boat easier. For those living in small spaces who love the great outdoors, this is a fantastic, albeit somewhat expensive, option (compared to your basic canoe). You can imagine living in a small studio apartment in a big city and still get out on the water when you want to. Or tuck this thing away in a larger boat for some old school paddling.

This model is made by MyCanoe, folds up into something like a large suitcase, is made of rugged polypropelene, and costs about $1500., That’s not cheap, but if it solves storage and transport and you want to get out on a canoe and paddle around, it’s worth it. Watch how it’s assembled here:

We love how messing around with boats just gets easier and easier as the industry continues to innvovate, from navigation electronics to a folding canoe.