LFP batteries (technically known as LiFePO4) are a variant on lithium batteries gaining a lot of traction for boat owners. Unlike some early Lithium Ion batteries, these LFP batteries – while expensive – are much lighter and last longer than traditional gel cell batteries. In fact, they can weigh as little as 40% of a typical battery, handle a deeper discharge without degradation, and perform through more cycles.

Unfortunately, if you mention “Lithium” to a boat owner, you inspire visions of unstopable fire¬† . . .

The good news is that there are people out there who are thinking about these batteries who are also bored, so they conduct some crazy tests. In this first video from China, the “team” decides to conduct the following tests to see if an LFP battery will explode or cause any big problems. The tests include:

  1. Shoot the battery (00:15)
  2. Short the battery (04:00)
  3. Burn the battery (11:00)
  4. Bake the battery (14:30)

They conduct the tests so you don’t have to.¬†






But maybe this doesn’t convince you. Here’s another video where the “testers” – who at least look somewhat “official” short the batteries, which will do in just about any battery.






No battery is 100% safe, but these “scientific tests” show some pretty good resiliance. Need something from a more credible source? Here’s a quick video from a distributor of Relion batteries that demonstrates the different sizes and ease of installation.