Shooting video on a boat takes a lot of effort. You have to have the camera on at just the right times, aim it well, and hope for the best. How many times have you reviewed video you shot only to find out that a lot of it just isn’t that great. That’s all solved by a new class of video cameras that shoot in 360 degrees – eliminating the possibility that you will miss something. The camera literally captures everything around you, including behind you where you weren’t even looking. It’s a total kick to look at the videos later on your smart phone and pan around while the video is playing.

The Rylo camera is certainly one of the best in the category and costs about the same as a Go Pro. You can even use all your old mounts if you have some kicking around. Just mount the Rylo on a railing or other place on your boat, turn the camera on, and then forget about it. The camera will capture anything around it – from down on the water to up in the sky. You’ll even be surprised at what you didn’t see when you look at the footage later. The camera also keeps the view level if your boat is heeling over.

So what’s the big catch? While the Rylo provides some simple editing software for your smart phone – where you can easily view all your videos – things get more complicated if you want to download your work to your notebook computer to do the editing. None of the lower-cost editing packages can cope with 360 degree footage. You need to go “pro” with something like Adobe’s Final Cut Pro, which isn’t cheap. Yeat it’s clear that this type of video camera is the future for boaters who want a high quality camera that is far easier to work with because you simply don’t need to worry about where to point it.